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Custom Liners

RRP works with Southern California Prosthetics and POA of Central Florida to provide custom silicone liners. These liners are made from platinum cure silicone and provide a desired comfort while wearing a prosthesis. Custom liners are made from a cast of the residual limb that allows for a more intimate and secure fit. These liners are available for both below and above knee amputations.

Utilizing cutting-edge prosthetic techniques and an unmatched passion for patient satisfaction, our goal is for each patient to leave our facility with a strong sense of confidence and a high level of comfort. We provide:


Above Knee

Designed to give amputees a transfemoral prosthesis that fits intimately and provides increased control and security.



All amputee patients being fitted for transtibial prosthesis are measured for and fit with a prosthetic liner made of medical grade silicone.


Knee Disarticulation

Designed taking into account that the amputee is able to bear weight on the end of their residual limb, increasing their control of the prosthesis.


Hip Disarticulation

Resulting prosthesis provides the highest degree of control possible, allowing the wearer to walk with confidence–and sit in comfort!


Upper extremity

Upper extremity prostheses can help to restore function using either a body powered system or a microprocessor controlled limb/digits.

Above Knee

Transfemoral prosthesis at Roadrunner range from standard pin locking and seal-in suction systems. RRP also fabricates double-wall socket systems that utilize an inner socket and outer frame. This system allows for a greater surface area of sealing suction or vacuum, and more comfortable trimlines that promote a great range of motion. This socket design is very robust that also allows for slight changes in volume while maintaining suspension and security on the residual limb. The double-wall socket tends to be more adjustable with the use of flexible materials for the brim and utilizing prosthetic socks to for appropriate compression on the limb.


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