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Dedication to providing innovative prosthetic solutions by forming a lasting and compassionate patient-practitioner relationship.


Roadrunner Prosthetics came to life in January 2023 from a vision between two prosthetists, Mac Burrell. C.P. and Rick Myers, C.P.. It was a desire to extend their expertise and broaden their customer base that led them to Arizona. Servicing amputees and those with limb differences entails much more than just fitting and providing comfort. That is why at Roadrunner we treat everyone as more than just a patient, you are considered family. Mac and Rick have worked together since 2019 encompassing this mentality of family orientated care to provide their patients with success in both functional ability and quality of life. In our relentless pursuit for your satisfaction, we will always strive to make your needs and goals our own.



Dedication to fulfill realistic expectations through innovative design and providing innovative prosthetic solutions through a lasting patient-practitioner relationship. We realistically manage expectations while providing compassionate care and guidance as you work to restore activity and attain your goals.

Above Knee

Below Knee

Hip Disarticulation

Knee Disarticulation

Upper Extremity


From the very start, my incredible prosthetist Mac Burrell made me feel valued. As a quadrilateral amputee, I have been working alongside this amazing technician since 2018 to the present time. Upon my first arrival, I was quickly seated by a friendly member of staff who made my husband and I feel extremely welcome. As a “newbie” amputee, I felt nervous and afraid. Mac put all my fears at ease. But, now as an amputee veteran, I am walking with a fluid gait free from pain! I don’t think about my “legs” throughout my entire day. My current arms and hands are complete miracles. I am now—with Mac’s expertise and a perfect fit—able to eat with a fork, apply my makeup, write with a pen, conduct restroom needs, author four books, and much more. I would recommend anyone needing prosthetic assistance, an explanation of various manufacturers’ products, guidance through the insurance process, or any aspect of the amputation process to utilize Mac Burrell’s prostheses knowledge at Roadrunner Prosthetics!”

- Vicki Zoradi

Zoradi 2_edited.jpg
Gesture Control with i-Limb
ETD2 Motion Control Hook
Bilateral Use of i-Limbs
Vicki Walking Up a Hill
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